17.09.2015 — 20.09.2015      

Energetic Flower Stand offers bouquet walks to address people’s emotions.

Working with St. Petersburg flower shops, Jess Hirsch collaborates with local florists to create bouquets of flowers with the potential to heal different psychological states based on the flowers’ energy. In combination with the shopkeepers’ professional expertise and Hirsch’s knowledge of Flower Essences - the theory that flowers host a vibrational energy that can affect mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances - the floral arrangements will be composed of plants to treat various states of mind such as grief, joy, greed, heartbreak, or compassion.

Hirsch will construct a flower stand in the local vernacular on a site to be determined. At the stand participants will be able to select a bouquet based on an emotion they are currently experiencing. Hirsch will then prescribe a walk for the participant to view the city under the flower’s energy. Each bouquet will have a walking path based on sites around the city that resonate with the particular feeling. The participant will carry the bouquet along the prescribed path while ruminating upon the emotion.

Like the repeated experience of emotions, the walk will come full circle, bringing to light the cyclical pattern of the mind state. However in this mind game, the cycle ceases when the participant returns the bouquet, letting go of the emotion. Each participant will be invited to share their experience with the artist. Despite cultural differences and language barriers, these psychological states and thought processes are a universal experience. The completion of the walk will open up a space between the artist and participant to communicate how these emotions are felt beyond language, offering a dialogue that supersedes the Russian and English language.